Website Maintenance & Management

Tend to your business it’s what you do best. Let Viera Web manage and maintain your website.

Most of our clients trust us to maintain and manage their websites, making sure the website and its assets are always in top performance. For example, Viera Web  handles WordPress version and plugin updates, security updates, content edits, email account management, and hosting issues which are all included when you host with us, or if you are on one of our Premier Digital Marketing Plans.

If you host your website elsewhere, we charge an affordable rate for edits, or even more savings with a monthly plan.

Honestly, do you have time to do it yourself? Do you have the understanding of how editing, modifying or adding content to your site affects your website’s performance? If you don’t want to lose your rankings in Google or the other top tier search engines as well as mobile, then leave those tasks to us.

Thanks for giving Viera Web the opportunity to serve your Website Maintenance and Management needs.

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